The sudden loss of its former Secretary-General, Low Thia Khiang, from party duties due to a fall will, inevitably, be felt by the party. Low has been a key part of the WP machinery for a very long time. He is a pioneer. His loss will be felt. However, the impact can be mitigated. 

The WP has a long history and track record in parliament. This is, in no small part, due to to the efforts of Low. It has enabled the WP to charge a coherent and consistent long-term vision that has enabled it to attract very capable new blood into the party. 

Today, the WP has some of the most talented team who have put up a good challege to the dominance of the PAP, in parliament and during elections. 

Names like Pritam Singh, Sylvia Lim, Gerald Giam, Leon Perera, Chen Show Mao, Bernard Chen, and Faisal Manap are easily recognisable by many Singaporeans. They are the backbone of a formidable team that WP has managed to assemble over the years. 

Should the election be called before Low makes a full recovery, one will step-up to fill the void. They are ready. Low can still contribute to the party in an advisory role. 

For now, Low's responsibilities in the constituency and town council will have to be shared by his fellow party-MPs. It is business-as-usual for the party.


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