Ravi Philemon has resigned from Dr Tan Cheng Bock's Progress Singapore Party (PSP). 

In a Facebook post last night, Ravi shared that he resigned from the party with effect from 12 May. He thanked his supporters. However, he did not elaborate on the reasons for his sudden departure. 


He pledged to continue to be engaged and contribute in other means. 

Ravi was among several key party members who fell victim to serveral malicious allegations contained in a short video clip. The person behind the allegations, another party member, Daniel Teo Weilong, was expelled from the party. While he apologised unreservedly, Teo still face the possibility of legal reprisals and being charged for his actions.

 Notably, Ravi had indicated that he will not sue Teo because he does not believe in the culture of 'sue until your pants drop'.

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