If you don't believe that the election (GE) season is upon us, get this - it's the first day of Phase 2 and Dr Tan Wu Meng, a PAP MP for Jurong GRC, has published an article outlining how Singh supports the seemingly pro-Malaysia playwright and critic, Alfian Sa'at.

The title was short and abrupt - "Mr Pritam Singh supports Alfian Saat". The content painted Alfian as a Malaysian sympathiser and citizen-wannabe whose criticism of Singapore bordered on treachery.

It was a feeble attempt at warning Singh for his public support of Alfian.

This man grew up in Singapore. Singapore gave him his education and he earns a living here. An education and a living that is denied to many minorities in the region. And he constantly runs down Singapore, and says he would love to become a Malaysian, and that there is nothing wrong in accepting the  Bumiputera policies here. And takes Malaysia’s side , when there are tensions between Malaysia and Singapore.

Mr Singh may not have read all these things that Alfian has said.

I suggest he read them carefully, and then tell us if he still thinks Alfian is a “loving critic” of Singapore

If he does, perhaps Mr Singh considers himself a “loving critic” of Singapore too?

Pritam has chosen a dignified response - not responding to the baiting with fire. He merely referred to Alfian as a loving critic and a son of Singapore.

Unsruprisingly, Alfian was not as magnimous in his rebuttal of Tan's accusations.


In his defence, Alfian remarked:

Growing up in Singapore, I often observed how a form of Singaporean nationalism was being constructed through the othering of the countries around us.
I see patriotism as love for one's country. But this kind of nationalism was built on a sense of superiority, that at times went close to contempt and hatred for our neighbouring countries.
So over the years, I have made comments--not just on Facebook, but also on forums and interviews--where I would try to offer alternative--meaning positive--meaning sometimes even rhapsodic--views of Malaysia.
Alfian expressed his shock that Tan and the PAP would choose such a roundabout way of of attacking Pritam Singh and his party. 
This tactic may yet backfire on the PAP. 
If Tan had used the same effort to speak up for Singaporeans in Parliament, he would have been a good MP.
Will Tan be fielded in Jurong GRC helmed by everyon's favourite - Tharman Shanmugaratnam? Or was this the begining of the end for Tan - will he even contest in this GE?

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