Noted human rights lawyer and former politician, M Ravi, has issued a challenge at the High Court on the constitutionality of calling for a General Election (GE) with the current health concerns and restrictions around COVID-19.

Ravi filed the challenge on behalf of Daniel De Costa, a Singaporean.

According to Ravi, the calling of the election was "in breach of the right to free and fair elections under the current circumstances".

The hearing will take place on 29th June, a day before Nomination Day.

Elaborating further on the case, Ravi lamented that "Singaporeans do not enjoy the right to vote as a basic right, which is why my client is raising this challenge, apart from the fact that this election is being held in the midst of a pandemic."

While he is not contesting the elections this time around, Ravi is certainly making his presence felt by the PAP.

The PAP will have its hands full on preparing for the GE and Nomination Day. The hearing is surely an unwelcome distraction for them.

He may not challenge for political office. However, with his integrity and courage, he is better placed than most PAP candidates to speak up for, and protect, the interest of Singaporeans.



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