Former Presidential candidate and leader of the now-defunct Singaporeans First Party, Tan Jee Say, is looking for a party to join.

His heart is set on his former party, the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP). 

As a political newbie, Tan first joined the SDP in 2011. He was part of the team that contested and lost at Holland-Bukit Timah GRC.

This is what Tan had to say:

Singapore needs a strong opposition to check the government and provide an alternative voice for the people.

In this light, I initiated contact with Dr. Chee & told him that I would like to rejoin SDP because firstly, the values of SDP reflect the values and beliefs I champion for Singaporeans.

Secondly, SDP is a great party with dynamic leadership. Over the years, I have seen the SDP grow from strength to strength. Its alternative voice is what Singaporeans need. It will be my pleasure to work with them again for the people.

Tan comes with impressive credentials and experience. However, with it being this close to Nomination Day, Dr Chee and the SDP have possibly settled on their slate of candidates. These new candidates come with impressive credentials themselves.

Hence, in the name of opposition unity, Tan may have to contend with a supporting role. 


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