According to media reports, Zeng Guoyan, better known as "Parrot Man", died on 16 Nov. His body was found at the foot of the Geylang Bahru flat where he resided.

Zeng came to attention of the public when he attempted to contest as an independent candidate in local elections. 

However, Zeng never got to contest as his applications were either rejected or Zeng himself changed his mind.

He suffered from numerous ailments including cancers of the nose and colon.

He turned to peddling tissue for a living. This got him into trouble with the managements of the various malls where he peddled at.

This disorderly behaviour also got him into trouble with the police on numerous occassions.

Earlier this year, a senior police staff sergeant was sentenced to four months and two weeks' jail for deliberately damaged Zeng's walking stick and then lying about what he did.

Investigations into Zeng's death are ongoing.

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