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Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing, a.k.a. Kee Chiu, revealed that between 2015 to 2018, about 50,000 jobs went to Singaporeans and more than 9,000 went to permanent residents (PRs). 

Pritam Singh raised the question of the breakdown of jobs between Singaporeans and PRs in the parliament about two weeks ago. Kee Chiu answered Pritam's question with another question - "What is the point behind the question?" and everything went unanswered back then. Kee Chiu was probably pressured by Pritam and the netters who questioned the ability of our ministers and released the information out. 

This obviously shows that our oppositions are helping us by pressuring the current Government by asking the right questions. For all the talk from PAP about how our oppositions are untrustworthy, it seems like they are doing more good than bad.

Without the opposition, the PAP will probably continue sitting on their high horses. Thinking that they are the best and can do no wrong. With the upcoming General Elections, we should seriously consider voting in more opposition voices. So as to achieve a better Singapore for our future and kids.


According to the Centre for Domestic Employees, all six victims of the accident last afternoon are foreign domestic workers (FDWs) from the Philippines. Lucky Plaza, is widely known as a popular hangout for many of these Filipino FDWs. Some of the footages of the accident showed the Filipino workers enjoying themselves as they embrace the year-end festivities.

The accident brought an abrupt end to the merry-making. Many more could've been injured.

Apart from Lucky Plaza, there are some other areas that foregn workers gravitate to. Paya Lebar is usually frequented by Indonesian domestic workers over the weekends. Workers from the South Asian continents also come to Paya Lebar and Lucky Plaza on the weekends, in search of company. 

However, these areas are not purpose-built for the large gatherings that we normally see at Lucky Plaza and Paya Lebar. Apart from the seats available at restaurants or coffee joints, there are inadequate seatings in the malls in these vicinities. The limited seats at the pedestrian areas outside the malls are also limited, and taken up quickly. Thus, they take to relaxing in any oen areas they can find, some of which are dangerous due to their proximity to the roads.

But what else can they go?

Male foreign workers can return to their dorms where they can use the facilities such as basketball and badminton courts etc.

We need the FDWs. But they do not have access to such facilities.

And that, unfortunately, is an indictment of where we are as a society. There are many failities available in our neighbourhoods, we have the beaches and open spaces in our gardens, yet these FDWs do not feel that they are wanted there.

We try to treat them like human beings on weekdays because they work for us and live in our homes but when it comes to leisure, we expect them to make themselves scarce. Clearly, many of us are not yet the First World people that we claime to be.

If we don't welcome them into our spaces, then where else can they go? The pavements? The road side? 

The government too must do more to create such safe, leisure spaces for the FDWs. They can't just leave that too the FDW agencies or the NGOs because they do not have the resources to engage the FDWs on that scale.

As we welcome the new year, use this accident to reflect on our values as a society. How far away are we from being a truly open and welcoming society?


A netizen, Kelvin Ling, urged new citizens to give the opposition parties a chance by listening to them and voting for them.

Ling was of the view that many of them were transfixed with Singapore because they wanted a better environment for themselves and their families. 

However, the safety and security found in Singapore should not translate into votes for the PAP. The safety and security was borne out of many years of a great PAP leading Singapore. This is not the case now. The netizen felt that the current PAP is greedy, to the detriment of Singapore.

There are those fear-mongerers who think that Singapore will be less safe and secure when the PAP goes out of power. For Ling, these concerns are unwarranted because agencies like the Police, SAF, SCDF, and other civil servants will continue to serve the citizens even when PAP is no longer in power.

He thus encouraged new citizens to not discount the Opposition.

We must vote for the Opposition so that we shall have a voice to speak for us.

We have a very good Opposition in
PSP led by Dr. Tan Cheng Bock
WP led by Pritam Singh
SDP led by Dr. Chee Soon Juan
PV led by Lawyer Lim Tean

I encourage you to take a look at their Youtube so that you are able to understand what they are fighting for.

You came to Singapore for a better future. Now that you are a citizen, have the strength to do what is necessary for the future of the country.


The police are currenty investigating a 32 year old India national in relation to an alleged offence under the Public Order Act.

The said man was apparently unhappy with the Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019 that was recently passed by the Indian parliament. To protest against the amendment, he then allegedly participated in an illegal public assembly at Marina Bay.

The amendment has split opinions in India. The move to allow for citizenship to be granted to non-Muslim minorities fleeing persecution from Muslim-majority countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh, has been criticised as discriminatory towards Muslims. 

The police have advised that it will not grant any permit for assemblies that advocate the political causes from other countries. It also urged foreigners living here to abide by local laws.

It is important that free speech is not eroded in Singapore.

Foreigners taking part in such illegal political assemblies here are not doing Singaporeans any favours. Any increase in such transgressions can be used by the government to further restrict the already-limited political space for Singaporeans. 

Dear Santa,

In the past year, I have been nothing but a good boy.

I know you grant the wishes of people who have been good. So I hope you grant me these wishes.

You see I live in Singapore. Great place - safe, clean, progressive in many areas. Many foreigners want to live, study, and work here. 

Yet, some Singaporeans themselves feel like they don't belong. 

There are things that we are lacking. These things, some would argue, can be partially attributed to the naughty people that have led the country for very long. You can't miss them. They wear white uniforms, and possess an elitist mindset. 

I want to see a change.

The elections are coming. We don't know when. Next year year, or the year after. 

I wish that after the elections, the naughty people in white are no longer in government.

I wish that when this transition happen, everything will be peaceful and that people respect the outcome of the elections.

I wish that after the elections, Tharman Shanmugaratnam will become the Prime Minister. Everyone loves him. He is capable and respected by his peers. He would be our very first minority PM.

I wish that Dr Tan Cheng Bock and Pritam Singh will become the Deputy PMs. They may not be experienced in the office but they are more than capable of filling that role.

I wish that Dr Chee Soon Juan, Dr Paul Tambyah, Lim Tean, will be part of the Cabinet. There are others but we need to see them in action first.

I wish Singaporeans will embrace the new government with an open mind.

I wish that post-elections, the new government will build a Singapore that is economically successful, and social inclusive and progressive.

Oh dear Santa, please grant me these wishes.


Son of Singapore 

Professor Tommy Koh previously stirred debate when, during a conference, he remarked that Singaporeans are Third World people, even though the country itself is deserving of its first world status.

Explaining his remark, Koh suggested 5 tests that Singaporeans must pass to be considered a First World people.

These five tests have to do with the every day habits and outlook that we have:

  1. Do you litter?  
  2. Do you keep public toilets clean?
  3. Are you civic minded and polite?
  4. Are you a culture-loving person? 
  5. Are you loving of nature and do not waste energy, water and food? 

Koh acknowledged that the use of the term 'Third World' is unfair to those who live in those countries but display 'First World' habits and tendencies.

He however stood by his comments that Singaporeans are not First World people - not yet, at least. He thus encouraged more Singaporeans to do more to pass these five tests.

What do you think of these 5 tests proposed by Koh?

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