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A fire at a 13th floor HDB unit in Bukit Batok resulted in a warning for the Jurong-Clementi Town Council (JCLTC), issued by the SCDF. The attending SCDF officers were unable to access the locked fire-hose compartments, and there were also no water supply to the hoses.

The MP for the area, Murali Pillai, explained that JCLTC had taken action against their officers who locked the affected equipment as a way of preventing vandalism.

On the issue of the non-existent water supply, investigations were still ongoing as the contractor responsible, JKeart Pte Ltd, disputed the findings.

JCLTC has since concluded its investigations. Through CCTV footages, it found that the contractor, JKeart, failed in its duty to ensure that a selector switch in the pump room was in the correct, "auto mode". In "manual mode", the water supply was cut off. 

The technician from JKeart, as well as the Property Officer from the town council, will be redeployed.

JCLTC is fortunate to have CCTVs to assist in the investigations. This concerns safety and the various parties were responsible, not only residents in the constituency, but also to Singaporeans at large. If there was a structural or systematic defect that caused the water supply to be cut off, they needed to be fixed.

Now, Singaporeans can breathe easy.

However, a question still remains. In any organisation, the leader is the one responsible for setting the tone and cultivating the culture. Surely then, Murali Pillai, as an MP for the area, has to take responsibility for some of the oversight?

Hi Legit Sg admin, 

So like many kaypoh Singaporeans, I also watched the viral videos of the Trans-Cab driver road-raging... Old uni acquaintance shared it in our whatsapp group.

The driver sounded like he was from the PRC, and was the one shown kicking a car and also shouting profanities at another couple who was with a young child. From what I read online, the police is already investigating him for criminal intimidation and voluntarily causing hurt. Trans-Cab has also terminated his employment with the company. Wanbao, also reported that the driver once had a company and lives in a condo in JB.

The uni acuaintance asked if we recognise him (the driver). That's when it dawned on us and we became even more schocked.

This fella was the most mild-mannered of persons and was soft-spoken, unlike the aggressive man we heard in the videos.

His name is Feng Zhan Ning. He used to be employed at NUS previously quite some time ago doing some research work.

What the people online are speculating is actually true. He is a naturalised Singapore citizen. Last time, he was a PRC national and then he became a PR. After that, then he became a citizen.

What happened to him? We don't know. From becoming a Singapore citizen because of his academic capabilities to becoming a taxi driver, we can only speculate what has gone wrong to see him become this angry person. The government did not give him a citizenship to become a taxi driver.

To go from working at NUS to become a taxi driver is a big jump. Don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with being a taxi driver. There are company directors who get retrenched and turn to becoming a taxi driver It's an honest living.

In the whatsapp group, we are speculating that he may have fallen on hard times. It is not easy transit from working as researcher to becoming a full-time driver. The financial pressures and stress must be different.

Yes, he is living in JB now. Cheaper there so maybe he can better cope with the lower cost of living there. However, it did not seem to help his state of mind.

Whatever it is, he needs to be responsible for his actions. Just because he was naturalised as a citizen and just because he used to work at NUS does not mean he should be absolved of responsibility for his inexcusable behaviour on the roads.


This year, the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) was revamped by the organisers to meet the stringent requirements of the prestigious Abbott World Marathon Majors (AbbottWMM). From a single-day event, SSSCM morphed into a 3-day monstrosity, kicking off on the evening of 29 November.

With the change, the organisers aimed to place SCSM alongside other premier marathon events such as the Boston, New York, Tokyo, and London marathons.

As was the case, with the F1 weekend in Singapore, not eveyone was too thrilled by the mega show in in the down town area. It did not help that this weekend just past also saw U2 in concert at the National Stadium, the start of Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay, and the C3 Anime Festival Asia (AFA).

One netizen named Selwyn Koh was particularly incensed, prompting him to take to his Facebook to rant at the organisers of SCSM, urging them exercise some compassion by never organising a Saturday evening race again.

One look at the full listing of roads that are scheduled to be closed and anyone with a brain will know that it’s going to be a disaster.

You clog up the entire Singapore with the worst jam of the decade bringing traffic islandwide to a complete standstill, no thanks to your road closures on a Saturday evening, no less.

Simply put, you cannot simply close roads to make way for a run on a Saturday evening, because it affects a lot of people – many of whom are working.

To my friend who spent close to 4 full hours in a jam travelling from Sentosa to Fullerton Hotel, I feel for you. To my other friend who had to wheel her harp down Nicoll Highway while rushing for a performance, I feel for you. To another friend who was stuck in a taxi with a full bladder only to reach her destination with a $55 fare, I feel for you. To the lady in a lovely gown who was a wedding organiser at a wedding I attended last evening and had no choice but to park somewhere else while making a dash to the hotel with bags of wedding photo albums in tow, I feel for you. To all my friends who were affected by the road closures with every other person posting on social media, I really do feel for you. I was caught in the dreaded jam too.

It was awful for those who were stuck in traffic jams caused by SCSM. 

This was a commercial decision that did not fully take into account the impact on the general public. What is the point of being categorised in AbbottWMM? How will it improve Singapore and the lives of many Singaporeans who did not take part in the race?

Despite the inconveniences, those affected know that they will not likely get any compensation from the organisers.

The relevant authorities should look into such big events and ensure that profit-driven organsiers do not profit at the expense of Singaporeans.

What does loyalty and a sense of belonging to Singapore mean to you?

For some, Singapore is everything to them. It's the only place they know. It's where their memories are, where their hopes and dreams were fulfilled.

But not everyone feel the same way.

We are increasingly disgruntled because of what Singapore has become - it is neither home nor a hotel. It is merely a business playground, where the rich can play and the less well off toil away without any end point in sight.

Our country treats us like a commodity, rather than a citizen. On top of that, Singapore is freaking expensive and nothing is free. 

Even our mandated NRIC renewals have to be paid for, not given free.

According to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), a co-payment of $10 will help to foster a "stronger sense of pride and ownership of the card".

The issue is not the card. The issue is what the card represents. 

Pride in my country, my NRIC, and my passport stem from what the country has achieved. It comes from knowing what the country is capable of achieving. It is knowing that I have a place and role to play in that succcess.

But the government seems to think that my loyalty can be bought with the $10 that we have to pay for our NRICs. Well guess what, you are seriously wrong.

Loyalty, in Singapore, has become transactional. Why? 

It doesn't help when you hear stories of students whose result slips are withheld because their parent(s) have not been able to pay for their school fees. 

How have we come to this?

We love our country but the elites running the country are more interested in the GDP than they are about helping to make Singapore a place for all Singaporeans.


Education is central to the growth of an individual. Unfortunately, in Singapore, getting a good education if often confused with being book or exam-smart.

Yet, there is more to education than just excelling in exams. It is also about equipping yourselves with the right values, attitudes, skills, and ethics.

Is the Ministry imbibed with the right values and are Singapore students inculcated with values such as being empathetic to those less fortunate? 

Sharing on his personal Facebook profile, local activist and former opposition politician, Gilbert Goh, revealed how a pair of twins were informed by MOE that their 'O' level results may be withheld if they do not pay their outstanding school fees.

The twins come from a single-parent family. Due to some administrative requirements which they were not able to complete because of their missing father, their requests for financial assistance could not be processed.

Nevertheless, their worries can now be put at ease. Their outstanding fees have been paid for in full by two anonymous donors.

While acknowledging that MOE tries to assist needy students, Goh pointed out that those who fall through the cracks should be handled with more tact and empathy.

We hope that MOE will look at students who can't pay their school fees with empathy regardless of the reasons and withholding someone's school exam certificate is not the way to go in building a caring and compassionate society. On the contrary, it builds up hatred and vengeance within our youth and stigmatized them for life because they are poor and could not gain access to welfare schemes due to their unusual circumstances.

Living in the world's costliest city has its implications and many sandwiched families - especially those from the lower middle income are caught up with the endless spiral of having to pay for a vast catalogue of bills.

Many pay certain critical bills first and in the process owe some others hoping to balance their check book monthly against all odds in order to keep the family afloat.

Gilbert's observation and exhortations are spot on. 

Our economy is one of the most competitive in the world. This competition comes at a price to those from the lower income families. There are trade-offs - there are other more important things that they need to prioritise.

Such families need to be asked how they can be helped. An impersonal letter with an ominous warning does not make one feel helped or welcomed.

The move towards a less results-based education system is a step in the right direction.

MOE can do more to educate students with the right values that will benefit them thoughout their whole lives.

A rally for PMD ridedrs was held over the weekend at Hong Lim Park with speakers like Goh Meng Seng and Tan Kin Lian. Goh Meng Seng claimed that the turn out was disappointing. But they still went through with the event, albeit without the PMD light up as there were close to no PMDs there.

Some riders were also given a chance to talk about the PMD issue after the speeches, with one of them getting so agitated that he started spewing vulgarities into the mic. 

So what now for the PMD riders? Is everything over? In the beginning, many of these riders would gather at meet the people sessions to talk about the issue. But that has not seemed to work out for them as well. With Lam Pim Min continuously reiterating about the $1000 grant. And if the rally was any indication, there seems to be no more fight in them. Are they giving in to their fate of the PMD ban?

As we walk about our neighbourhoods, there might still be a couple who still ride around on their PMDs (such badasses). Just like most issues, it seems like the government has gotten their way again despite the huge blowback. Seems like there is no way to get what us citizens deserve or want. The people in their ivory towers move us around like pawns. 

There is only one way we can come up as winners though. That is the elections of course. With the event looming closer, we might finally have a chance to kick them out and get in a better government who fights for the rights and happiness of citizens.

Some of these PMD riders might also be holding on to a small hope that a new govrernment might reverse the ban for them. Well, we shall wait and see then.

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