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The implementation of more severe measures now, and not earlier, is a clear demonstration of the incompetencies of the PAP.

The first and second generation of PAP leaders were visionaries and do-ers who made things happen. Above all, they were leaders who were decisive and who led from the front.

Towards the end of March, with the increase in local transmissions, Singaporeans were clamouring for stricter measures such as the closure of schools and even a lockdown, to mitigate further community transmissions of COVID-19.

The government resisted, only implementing increasingly stricter measure over a few weeks. In spite of their measures, the spread has not slowed down.

People were confused. They were told to observe social distancing but the trains were still full during the usual morning and afternoon peak periods. People in offices who car-pooled for lunch were told they had to observe social-distancing at hawker centres and food establishments. What was the point of all that?

Only now the government is acting more decisively with these recent announcements. In the past 2 weeks, they were trying to be too clever with their measures. Perhaps, they thought they were being nuanced. Unfortunately, the measures simply became too confusing for the public. Confusing signals and confusing measures are not the sign of a good governance.

In LKY's time, the government was always prepared to think long-term and take decisive action that were unpopular. Singaporeans knew that too and they had confidence in the government then.

While they moved fast to contain the virus in the early periods, they have not shown any backbone to implement difficult measures decisively.

The tide of public sentiment is slowly turning against the PAP.

They should heed the advice of their own member, Inderjit Singh, to focus on the virus first before they even decide on calling for an election.

In a lengthy Facebook post, former PAP MP Inderjit Singh articulated why he feels that, from a public health safety standpoint, any decision on the date of the General Elections (GE) should only be made from June 2020 onwards.

While he principally concurs with the PAP's position that the GE should be held as early as possible for the quicker installation of their 4G leaders, Singh felt that now, based on the People's Republic of China (PRC) experience in managing the COVID-19 threat, is not the right time to do so.

The PRC took about 4 months to have it under control, with the cases peaking in February and March. Singapore has yet to hit its peak.

Based on the PRC's trajectory, and the best case scenario, Singapore will need about four months from the end of January to effect a similar outcome. Depending on the situation then, the PAP can choose to call for an election immediately or within a few months time.

In the meantime, in the name of fairness, the Elections Department can take the time to implement new rules for campaigning as early as possible.

In concluding, Singh emphasised his confidence in the PAP and their ability to make the right judgement calls for the benefit of all Singaporeans in both the short and long-term.

Singh is overconfident of a PAP win at the next GE. However he is absolutely right on one count - the PAP must not rush the GE at the expense of public health, no matter how much it thinks a PAP win is inevitable.


To all you Singaporeans

I have a simple message to you all, stop blaming our tabligh religious gathering and say we cause the spread of coronavirus to singapore and other south east asia country. How you know it is definitely our local malaysians who carry the virus in the first place? 

Why nobody say the obvious flaw that maybe it is the foreign attendees are irresponsible and bring the covid-19 virus to our religious event? Before the event, Singapore has more case than malaysia, why not possible is one of the 95 singapore attendee infect our innocent citizens during the event?

Use your brain and think, you will know it is not so sure it is us malaysian who spread virus to you, maybe is the other way around. 

If you are so scared of dying, don't come to malaysia, we don't welcome you also. Important is stop blaming malaysia for your covid cases when there is no proof they get it from malaysia. 

It is always possible they get it in singapore and come infect us. maybe even some china attendees infect the event, don't anyhow blame malaysia. 

[This is a message found in Whatsapp]

tabligh malaysia singapore blame


As the world grapples with COVID-19, PAP has one eye on the elections, which is due to be called by April 2021. Various opposition leaders have criticised the PAP for even considering to have an election very soon.

One of those who spoke against calling for a General Election (GE) now is Dr Tan Cheng Bock of the Progress Singapore Party (PSP). 

As a medical doctor himself, Dr Tan is acutely aware of the threat from COVID-19 and how it can transmit during the election period, through the dense crowds that normally throng opposition rallies

During the campaign period, there will be rallies and many large group election activities being held. Is this a risk we want to take? There is this potential mass exposure to the virus.

So, holding a general election at this time should not be considered. We should put politics aside. Take care of our people's health and welfare first," he added, pointing out that the United States and Britain have postponed elections so far.

Dr Tan also suggested that the President can also use her executive authority to form a caretaker government should the pandemic situation not abate, by the time the PAP's full term ends.

At the crux is the well-being of Singaporeans. Without the citizens, Singapore, and the Singapore government is nothing.

If the PAP is confident of itself and its policies, it should not fear postponing the elections till the global situation is clearer. The people will decide. 

PAP appears to have lost sight of the purpose of its existence - to serve the people, not its own political self-interest. Don't gamble with the life of the people.



PAP MP Yaacob Ibrahim spoke up in Parliament on the issue of panic-buying and hoarding of basic necessities after the government's move to raise the alert level to DORSCON Orange.

Yaacob called it an irrational response that "showed the worst of Singaporeans" which could've led to further chaos. He felt that this was symptomatic of people who did not have full trust and confidence in what the government is communicating. 

If people have trust and confidence in the government, they would not have put themselves in such a position.

He is not far from the truth. That panic was a sign of people who were confused, and who didn't know what to trust, and who to trust. And that includes the government.

The fault doesn't merely lie with the proliferation of social media and fake news.

The government can earn the trust of the people through their actions. The use of POFMA also demonstrates that the government does not have enough confidence in the facts that they possess, and the manner in which they are communicated to the people.

The ability to relate and to convey information, ideas, and policies to different groups of people is critical, but sadly, one which the elitist PAP is sorely lacking.

It must learn to go back to basics. It must understand that they are governing because the people gave them the mandate. 

Thus, they must do all they can to earn the trust of Singaporeans, and not take it for granted.

The Wuhan virus is spreading on an unprecedented scale, and the total number of "reported" infections has already surpassed the previous SAR epidemic. However the Singaporean government is still taking the line that Singapore should not close our borders to PRC visitors. The question is why not, when other countries have taken the decisive step to shut its borders temporarily to help stem the spread of the virus. 

Education Minister Ong Ye Kung's reasoning is this: 

“Imagine that at the height of Sars… other countries (decide) to get Singaporeans out of the country. We will become a target as well and can be hit hard. Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you.”

Minister Ong's explanation reeks of a deference to big nations and reflects a reactive attitude to this potential crisis. Shouldn't the well-being of our citizens come first at the expense of all other things like economic growth and global business? Why can't Singapore make the sovereign decision to safeguard Singaporean lifes and adopt a kiasu kiasi attitude at this point of time. If there is a time and place to be kiasu and kiasi, isn't now the best time? Shouldn't we pre-empt problems instead of responding to the crisis only when things deteriorate beyond control and only when there is local community spreading? 

The Singapore Government often blows its trumpet on how it has drawer plans for all sorts of contingencies but when push comes to shove, their response is severely out of sync with Singaporean's expectations. Our lives, health and well-being should take precedence over all else, if they do not care for us in this time of need, we too will abandon you during the next election. 

If countries like Hong Kong, Mongolia and Russia can take steps to ban all PRC travellers, there is no reason why a high density high risk country like Singapore not do likewise. If we end up all infected, would there still be a country to run or defend? 


NO. Wake Up Singapore Government! 





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