Marathoner, Soh Rui Yong, understandably, has a bone to pick with the Singapore Athletics Association (SAA).

He wasn't picked to represent Singapore in the upcoming SEA games. 

Now, the managment team of SAA is making him even more furious.


Ostensibly, Soh has been removed from all whatsapp groups involving SAA officials. 


In response, Soh sent a snarky retaliation through his won Facebook page. He sarcastically congragulated them "for being great role models for the standards of Childishness and Cowardice".

1) Childishness - When an athlete disagrees with you, block them on WhatsApp and all social media platforms with no reason given rather than sending him an email/text/calling him, communicating and working it out together.

2) Cowardice - Ordering your junior staff to remove me from the WhatsApp group and block me from social media, rather than doing it yourself. He who passes the sentence should swing the sword.

Wishing you all the best in your continued attempts to build up the sport of athletics in Singapore.

The SAA is a long way away from building up the athletics in Singapore.

It needs to listen to its stakeholders, and more importantly, it needs to listen to the one that will be impacted the most by their policies, decision-making, and wrong decisions.

What does it hope to achieve by being petty and shutting out Soh?


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