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Singaporeans may have the 'scared-to-lose' attitude but not all Singaporeans are heartless.

This netizen going by the name 'Abdul Shah' on Facebook, showed us how human we can be.

He came across this uncle at Tampines bus interchange. The uncle was limping.

Seeing the uncle's plight, the netizen claimed to have treated the uncle to Tender Fresh near the ticketing counter at the interchange.

Possibly overcome with gratefulness, the uncle cried.

It does not take much to make someone's day. You just have to open your eyes and be mindful of those around you.

Zoukout is typically held in December every year on the beach of Sentosa. Zoukout released a statement on their Facebook page thanking their supporters for their support throughout the past 18 years. However, they mentioned that they will be back again and this is not the end.

Zoukout has been getting lesser and lesser attendees from approx 50,000 in 2014 to only 20,000 last year. Zouk also downsized their festival to a 1 day only event last year rather than the 2 day festival from previous years. 

You can read their full statement here:

We are very thankful for all the support for ZoukOut over the past 18 years, and cannot be more grateful to all our loyal fans from around the world who have been a part of our journey. ZoukOut will be taking a break as we recharge, and while we hate to disappoint our supporters, we want to reassure everyone that ZoukOut remains close to our hearts, and we'll do everything we can to keep the festival, and the Zouk spirit, alive. This is not the end, we will see you again!

Will you be looking forward to a comeback by them?

Malaysia and Singapore always had a rivalry between whose version of a local food is nicer. There is the Malaysia and Singapore Cendol, Bak Kut Teh, Wanton Mee, and much more. Now... Malaysia's Mcdonald has taken a shot at Singapore's Nasi Lemak in their advertisement.

Mcdonald Malaysia is releasing a Nasi Lemak dish. They came up with a few different advertisements showing a Malaysian in the Grand Canyon, Space and Mount Everest packing a Nasi Lemak with them and saying  "nothing comes between Malaysians and Nasi Lemak". One of the versions depict a Malaysian Woman in Singapore's hawker centre. The Malaysian rejected Singapore's Nasi Lemak and took out her own pack supposedly from Malaysia and eating it instead. You can watch the full video here:

Can't we just live in harmony and stop competing over who has the better version of a certain food? 

A supposed pharmaceutical page in Malaysia, 型男药剂师, claimed that it was possible to purchase counterfeit Panadol pills branded 'Panadol Extend' and 'Panadol ActiFast', in the country.


The front of the packs look innocuous enough. The difference is not clearly visible to the naked eye.

However, when scrutinised closely, there are more obvious differences on the reverse sides.

On the fakes, the name of the manufacturer was spelled incorrectly - 'ClaxoSmithKline' instead of 'GlaxoSmithKline'.

The pills themselves contain more tell-tale signs of their inauthenticity.

According to the pharmacist, the fake pills have rougher edges while they are also more delicate and easily broken.

The stamp of the "P" on the fakes are also irregular and not as clear as the genuine products.

There has always been a market for counterfeit products lilke branded handbags, shoes, or even perfume. 

This however, may have more sinister implications for consumers. The fake pills may comprise of chemicals that are dangerous to human health and life.

Hence, it is important that the public be aware that such fakes, could be present.

Don't take your health for granted. Spend some time scrutinising the packaging to ensure that it is genuine. 

This was written by Agnes Chong. She gave a sound advice for all the eager parents anticipating PSLE.

Anyway, we all know that too much of something is not good right.

So chillax a little (perhaps towards the end of the day) and get enough rest!

How can you take your examinations if your health is not good?

"As an ex-examiner, I’m sharing some ideas. Hope it comes in handy ?

1. Don’t fret - Get your child to head to bed and rest by 10. Studies have shown the brain works better and students can think of better answers and are more resourceful if they are well rested the night before. 

2. Don’t cram - Do not force your child to memorise answers, especially the night before. It’s anxiety-inducing for the whole family. ? Besides, there are just too many topics under the sun to memorise and when interacting with the examiner, we can all tell memorised answers from students’ body language. This evening, just read the papers/social media (valid sources) for A FEW current issues from and get your child to revise the structure for conversation based on Choice, Reason, Opinion. Just 2/3 topics will do for tonight. Overdoing it is counterproductive as there is an Optimal Performance Curve ?

3. Don’t overthink about the examiners
As pointed out by many teachers/ex-teachers in various posts, the examiners are encouraging and will try to give students as many marks as possible (provided students answer to the point and elaborate). We do understand that each child is under tremendous stress, not just from parents but other stakeholders ?. As such, the examiners will provide prompts to help your child along. It’s not an interview to assess for a job. It’s to gauge your child’s ability to carry out a decent conversation and to pronounce words clearly and expressively.

All the best!"

 Thanks cher!


Our 54th National Day is coming soon in 2 days! And in celebration of that, Coffee Bean is releasing a new promotion, 54 cents for a cup of coffee for 54 minutes!

Here are the details for the promotion:

Date: 9 August
Time: From 12pm
Duration: For 54 minutes only
Location: All stores except the ones in Changi Airport, Singapore EXPO, Sentosa, Micron, Wisma and Marina Bay Sands
Terms and conditions apply. Limited to 1 redemption per customer. Items are available while stocks last. Palm sugar drinks are not available at Orchard Central store. Applicable for small-sized drinks only. Not applicable with any other discounts, vouchers and/or privileges. 

Netizens of course flock in with concerns such as the staff not being able to handle the mass number of orders in just 54 minutes. They were also questioning about the stingy offer of only 54 minutes.


Some of them even compared this promotion to the Huawei promotion that ended up badly with police. 


Let's not let the police come into this promo shall we? No guns please, it's just coffee.

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