A supposed pharmaceutical page in Malaysia, 型男药剂师, claimed that it was possible to purchase counterfeit Panadol pills branded 'Panadol Extend' and 'Panadol ActiFast', in the country.


The front of the packs look innocuous enough. The difference is not clearly visible to the naked eye.

However, when scrutinised closely, there are more obvious differences on the reverse sides.

On the fakes, the name of the manufacturer was spelled incorrectly - 'ClaxoSmithKline' instead of 'GlaxoSmithKline'.

The pills themselves contain more tell-tale signs of their inauthenticity.

According to the pharmacist, the fake pills have rougher edges while they are also more delicate and easily broken.

The stamp of the "P" on the fakes are also irregular and not as clear as the genuine products.

There has always been a market for counterfeit products lilke branded handbags, shoes, or even perfume. 

This however, may have more sinister implications for consumers. The fake pills may comprise of chemicals that are dangerous to human health and life.

Hence, it is important that the public be aware that such fakes, could be present.

Don't take your health for granted. Spend some time scrutinising the packaging to ensure that it is genuine. 

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