Leader of the Progress Singapore Party (PSP), Dr Tan Cheng Bock, has made it clear to the PAP - the General Election (GE) can wait. The governments sole focus now should be to mitigate COVID-19 and not to think of how to win votes.

The government has incrementally implemented social-distancing measures as part of the overall strategy to reduce community transmission. They have also put in place safeguards to reduce the import of COVID-19 from overseas.

Calling for an election now will not make sense. It takes only one irresponsible or uninformed person to infect others. Should that scenario transpire, our healthcare system may not be able to cope with the sudden surge of patients.

Healthcare workers may become fatigued and overstretched. Mistakes may happen. This will undo all the good work that has been carried out so far.

Dr Tan said, "A later election may take place at a time when the COVID-19 situation has improved, which is a realistic hope and not a fanciful wish". In a few months or a year from now, other governments may have gotten their act together. Vaccines may have been approved for distribution and clinical use.

Can the PAP out this scenario completely? Surely not.

There is no need to hurry the elections. Many regional and federal governments around the world have postponed their elections. 

It would be irresponsibe and unwise of the PAP not to follow suit.




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