COVID-19 is proving to be a stern test for the 4G leaders of the PAP. Initially, the PAP leaders coped well. They drew on the experiences from the SARS crisis to formulate a plan to keep Singapore and Singaporeans safe. However, this is slowly unravelling before our very eyes.

Earlier today, PM-designate, Heng Swee Keat, annouced the Solidarity Budget  - the third such budget annouced within two months that is targeted to help alleviate the financial burden off Singaporeans.

While this was unprecedented, it was possibly indicative of a PAP ledership that was unable to fully comprehend the impact of the virus on Singaporean individuals, organisations, and businesses.

A government that understood the virus and its implications would not have had to resort to such an unprecedented move.

Their supporters will tell you that the PAP did well to react to the changing circumstances and that the PAP cannot be expected to predict the future accurately.

No one is asking the PAP to play fortune-teller. However, with the data that the government machinery possesses, a government that is in touch with the people and understand their fears would not have had to resort to table 3 budgets before getting it right.

Why were some of the payments staggered or deferred towards the later part of the year? Was it because the PAP had one and half eye on the coming GE? Why the changes now?

Slowly, the true colours of the PAP leadership is beginning to be laid bare by COVID-19. It is not a pretty sight.


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