There are now 7 confirmed cases in Singapore at the time of writing this article and they have finally decided to ban travelers from Wuhan and Hubei.

A netizen by the name of Gordon Tay, who claimed to have previously worked in one of our hospitals, gave his thoughts on the currently ongoing Wuhan virus crisis. In his Facebook post, Tay questioned why our Government is not banning the flights from Wuhan earlier. He came up with a simple statistic of populations between Wuhan and Singapore. 

"Wuhan population is 13 million, Singapore is 5 million squeezed on a small high density island."

With people coming in to Singapore through straight flights on airlines like Scoot, the chances of the virus coming to our shore and spreading is very high. Many countries took decisive actions by banning travelers from Hubei and Wuhan. So why isn't our Government as decisive when it comes to such matters? Shouldn't our Government be more worried for the lives of Singaporeans?

Tay also mentioned that our Government is asking us not to overreact and to believe in them to do the right thing. However, there are many people taking our public transport everyday. The fear is real for us citizens when we have to squeeze in the various transport systems. 

Perhaps our politicians need to take our public transport to know how scary everything is with people wearing masks everywhere. 

Our Government should be focused on saving us citizens. Stop giving us lip service.

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