The implementation of more severe measures now, and not earlier, is a clear demonstration of the incompetencies of the PAP.

The first and second generation of PAP leaders were visionaries and do-ers who made things happen. Above all, they were leaders who were decisive and who led from the front.

Towards the end of March, with the increase in local transmissions, Singaporeans were clamouring for stricter measures such as the closure of schools and even a lockdown, to mitigate further community transmissions of COVID-19.

The government resisted, only implementing increasingly stricter measure over a few weeks. In spite of their measures, the spread has not slowed down.

People were confused. They were told to observe social distancing but the trains were still full during the usual morning and afternoon peak periods. People in offices who car-pooled for lunch were told they had to observe social-distancing at hawker centres and food establishments. What was the point of all that?

Only now the government is acting more decisively with these recent announcements. In the past 2 weeks, they were trying to be too clever with their measures. Perhaps, they thought they were being nuanced. Unfortunately, the measures simply became too confusing for the public. Confusing signals and confusing measures are not the sign of a good governance.

In LKY's time, the government was always prepared to think long-term and take decisive action that were unpopular. Singaporeans knew that too and they had confidence in the government then.

While they moved fast to contain the virus in the early periods, they have not shown any backbone to implement difficult measures decisively.

The tide of public sentiment is slowly turning against the PAP.

They should heed the advice of their own member, Inderjit Singh, to focus on the virus first before they even decide on calling for an election.

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