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At the sidelines of the ASEAN-Republic of Korea Summit (ROK) in Busan, Lee Hsien Loong (LHL) shared that the government was working a Budget for 2020. 

He described Budget 2020 as something that will be "strong, and suitable to what the economy needs", against the backdrop of a potential economic recession arising from the US-China, Japan-ROK tensions, as well as the fluid state of Brexit.

Supporters of the PAP government, have, rather prematurely, welcomed the anouncement. 

Others are not so enamoured.

Some segments of Singaporeans are disappointed that the next General Election (GE) is not likely to take place before the end of the year. Some others were disappointed that they have to wait longer for their opportunity to vote the PAP out.

Others have also expressed their reservations, suggesting that Budget 2020 could be used by the PAP as a means to incentivise Singaporeans to vote for the PAP. 

This concern, while understandable, misses the point. 

The point is, like our counterparts in Malaysia and Hong Kong, Singaporeans are now ready and primed for change.

Singaporeans have also become more politically savvy.

Our votes and our allegiance can't be bought with drumsticks or even whole chickens. No matter how strong the Budget 2020 will be, Singaporeans, will decide for ourselves, the future that we want for our country based on how they PAP has treated us since the last elections. 

PM-in-waiting, Heng Swee Keat, attempts to take pot shots at The Workers' Party (WP) have backfired.

Leader of the People's  Voice Party (PVP), Lim Tean, plainly called Heng's performance in parliament as an embarrassment. Heng's inablity to "respond confidently" to the WP MPs was "woeful". Lim was definitely not holding back in his assessment of Heng's performance. 

Lim also questioned Heng's credentials as a politican and leader.

He then warned Heng to expect more robust debates in parliament when more articulate and coherent opposition MPs are elected into parliament in the next GE.

Lim's brutal reality check for Heng is good news for Singaporeans.

For far too long, the lack of adequate opposition voices has enabled the PAP to get away with one-sided debates in parliament.

This will be put right in the next GE. The PAP will have to wake up and be prepared to be grilled more intensely and extensively on their proposed policies or laws.

Who benefits? Normal Singaporeans like us.


The announcement by Lam Pin Min (LPM), the Senior Minister of State for Transport, was shocking to many e-scooter users and retailers. However, for the opposition, it is a welcomed gift.

With the ban on the use of e-scooters on footpaths, the PAP government has just opened the door, thrown away the lock and key, and paved the way for the opposition to be in Parliament after the upcoming General Elections (GE).

Many e-scooter users and related businesses are angry about the ban. They never saw a blanket ban coming, let alone one where the effective implementation was merely a day after the annoucement in parliament. The one month grace period is scant consolation.

They are angry. Very, very, angry. This will cost PAP votes in the next GE.

The responsible riders, primarily those who use it as a means of transportation for their food delivery work, have all been affected by the ban. Due to the inconsiderate actions of some irresponsible riders, responsible ones have been punished.

Many have families to feed. What do they do now?






Many felt that the government pandered to "popular" opinion and took the easy way out. 





Now, there is a realisation that they are paying for the lack of opposition and alternative voices in parliament.


The PAP government is banking on getting the votes of supporters of the ban who have been vocal of their opposition to e-scooter use in Singapore.

However, this is based on the inaccurate assumption that supporters of the ban are supporters of the PAP. While they may be thankful that their voices have been heard and that their interests and safety are protected, it doesn't necessarily translate into votes for the PAP.

There are many issues affecting Singaporeans from all walks of life. This PMD issue is but one of the things that concern Singaporeans.

Many other issues like the provision and protection of jobs, a more consultative and open kind of governance, the opening of the social and political liberal-democratic spaces, still bother Singaporeans.

What this ban has shown is that the PAP government is still a closed, top-down type of government that Singaporeans don't want and don't need now, and in the more technologically dependent future.

This ban will cost the PAP many votes. Individuals, organisations, and businesses who have vested interests in the use of e-scooters are ready to vote for the opposition.

Come the next GE, don't be surprised if more opposition faces become your new MPs and Ministers.



Dr Tan Cheng Bock and several of his party members from the Progress Singapore Party (PSP) shed some blood for their fellow Singaporeans.

Together, they responded to the appeal by the Bloodbank for the donation of 'O' blood type from the public.

Dr Tan had no qualms aboiut donating his blood and was complimentary of the staff at the donation centre for helping make everyone feel comfortable.

He was heartened by the turn out and called on the donors to make the activity a regular affair to help ensure the adequacy of the bloodbanks.

 For those interested to donate blood, you can find out more about the process here.

Dr Tan may not be our official President but in our hearts, Dr Tan is truly our President.

Soon, he will be the MP of our hearts,

As excitement builds up over the upcoming General Elections (GE), we at Legit Singapore will bring you for a tour of the various parties that are expected to contest the GE.

In our inaugural article, we gave you three reasons to vote for Dr Tan Cheng Bock and his Progress Singapore Party (PSP).

Today, we give you three reasons to vote for Dr Chee Soon Juan and his Singapore Democratic Party (SDP).

1 Dr Chee Soon Juan

SDP is helmed by Dr Chee, a seasoned and battle-hardened politician who is articulate, charismatic, and posseses the relevant political nous. Just take a look at Dr Chee speaking at his past rallies. He stands out because he speaks with the conviction of someone who really believes in his political cause.


Dr Chee joined the SDP in the early 1990s, after being recruited by his mentor, the incomparable Mr Chiam See Tong. Dr Chee has not looked back since.

Despite several legal, as well as criminal charges and convictions against him over the past few decades, Dr Chee has remained steadfast and not lost any of his enthusiasm. He survived defamation lawsuits and bankruptcy proceedings brought about by key members of the PAP such as Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong. He also survived convictions for staging public demonstrations without permits.

23 November 2012 is a significant date for Dr Chee. On that day, he was formally discharged as a bankrupt, thereby allowing him to contest GE2015, after a several enforced-absences.

In GE2015, Dr Chee led the SDP team that contested the Holland-Bukit Timah GRC against the PAP team. Among others, at the rallies, Dr Chee spoke on cost of living issues affecting Singaporeans, the increasing income gap, the importance of having an alternative voice in parliament, as well as the merits of affordable healthcare plans for Singaporeans.

Alas, it was not to be. The team won 33.38% of the votes, which was poorer that their showing in GE 2011.


Dr Chee, was rightly disappointed by the result.

Yet, he will not be beaten. He has not stopped. He is  a man on mission, leading the way for his fellow party members, and spending considerable time and resources to walk the ground. 


2 The Party Is Ready

Like its leader, the party is ready for the elections. It wants to leave the bitter disappointment of GE2015 behind by contesting again in the very same constituencies they lost in - Holland-Bukit Timah and Marsiling-Yew Tee GRCs as well as Bukit Batok, Yuhua and Bukit Panjang SMCs. 

SDP was formed in 1980. It makes it 39 year old this year. There is no better way to celebrate its almost four decades of existence than to win seats in Parliament at the next GE.

The party held a pre-election rally at Hong Lim Park on 19 October to demonstrate that it is organised, and more importantly, election-ready. It has, and continues to reach out to supporters through both social-media and face-to-face contact. The party means business.


Its manifesto is impressive.

The party's vision is clearly and simply stated - th SDP endeavours to "create a Singapore that takes care of all her sons and daughters, young and old" and where "the people are free and bold, with a strong sense of achievement tempered by an equally fierce regard for compassion and justice".

This is a vision of Singapore that resonates with Singaporeans who are sick of a society focused on results and economic yardsticks.

SDP endeavours to achieve their vision through the application of the 3Cs - Competency, Constructiveness, and Compassion. These are qualities that are lacking or absent in the incumbent government.

In addition, the party also has several policy proposals up its sleeve. According to its Chairman, Dr Paul Tambyah, SDP has policy proposal covering areas such as "housing, healthcare, population, and education". If elected, the party will also "strive for a more open and democratic Singapore", to ensure a "transparent and accountable political system".

Singaporeans can't wait.

Indeed, these are exciting times for the party. SDP is demonstrably ready for the elections.


3 Endorsements

Like Dr Tan Cheng Bock and PSP, the SDP has built up a lot of goodwill with local and foreign oraganisations and personalities.

In fact, leaders of the SDP such as Dr Chee and Dr Paul Tambyah have paid courtesy visits to Dr Tan Cheng Bock. Dr Chee himself deemed Dr Tan Cheng Bock as a leader of the opposition.

Similarly, Dr Chee, realising the importance of opposition solidarity, has articulated his wish to work closer with the Worker's Party (WP) in the upcoming elections.


Besides these local parties, the SDP is also represented in foreign forums and platforms such as the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD).

These ringing endorsements lend credence to SDP. 

It is not a fly-by-night kind of party whose who appear before, and disappear after and election. 

SDP is a force to be reckoned with.

So people of Holland-Bukit Timah and Marsiling-Yew Tee GRCs as well as Bukit Batok, Yuhua and Bukit Panjang SMCs, your future is in your hands.

Will you vote for the right party? Will you vote for SDP?

Worker's Party's Pritam Singh took to Facebook to speak up on PAP's "divisive approach to politics" and how it took 7 years to build a Barrier-Free-Access ramp at Blk 108 Bedok Reservoir Road.

Residents have requested for a ramp since 2012. However, the ramp which would normally take months at most to build, will be open only today.

Pritam Singh talked about how the MPs have to go through their Grassroots Advisers to raise projects for considerations. These Grassroots Advisers are also in charge of approving the dispensation of large sums of taxpayer dollars.

"In opposition wards like Aljunied and Hougang, the losing PAP candidates are the Grassroots Advisers."

In a speech at a rally during the 2015 elections, Pritam Singh also spake up on these Grassroots Advisers before. These Grassroots Advisers help gain political milage way beore the next elections for the PAP as they were appointed by the losing party. Some of these Advisers even went a step further to badmouth the opposition members. In his speech, Pritam also asked for these advisers to come after the President, who is not supposed to be linked with any political party, so that they can work on having a more unified Singapore with Grassroots Advisers who actually care about the residents.

However, this has obviously not been done. With a ramp that took 7 years, we can see how dirty the PAP is playing. Pritam Singh also mentioned how other proposals by opposition MPs for the community are commonly ignored by the People's Association.

How many of us residents are suffering because of their petty politics. WP is working on giving the citizens a better life and the other party is trying their best to stop them.

This cannot go on. We should not be suffering just because you lost.

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