The Singapore National Olympic Council has dropped legal action against marathoner Soh Rui Yong. The athlete was previously served a lawyer's letter by SNOC and fellow marathoner Ashley Liew for disputing their version of the story. 

Back then, Liew was praised for waiting for other rivals, who took a wrong route, to catch up despite being in the lead. His actions had won him the International Fair Play Committee's (CIFP) Pierre de Coubertin World Fair Play award. 

It was a while later that Soh disputed the feel-good story by saying that it was not what had happened. He disagreed that it was a respectable act as the leaders who took a wrong turn actually had to run an additional 100m. The extra distance would have allowed Liew to gain 20-30 seconds. 

Soh was served a lawyer's letter because he disputed the facts. However, he refused to back down or withdraw his account as that is what he claims to be true. 

His efforts paid off as legal actions were dropped yesterday. 

"Moving forward, it would better serve all of Singapore sports if the SNOC chose to engage in dialogue with all parties involved instead of continuing to spend public resources on legal means.

SNOC, being a public organization, must always be fair to all parties, even in instances where opinions may differ. It is more constructive to find solutions to issues as opposed to sending legal letters, which are a waste of resources better used through supporting our athletes.

Singapore and Singaporeans are watching."

Stirring more drama will not win you the race.


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