Since 25 Jan 2020, mainstream media announced that there were 35 Singaporeans trapped in Wuhan and were unable to return. 4 days later, our Singaporeans are still publicly no where closer to escaping the epicenter of this pandemic. Numerous nations have mounted chartered flights to bring their citizens home by any means necessary but for Singapore, it appears to still be uncertain. 

Why can't we just request to fly a A330 military plane to Wuhan to rescue our citizens? If there is a good reason to spend taxpayers money billions on military equipment, isn't this now the best time to use our advanced military assets to rescue our citizens who are most likely fearful for their health and safety? 

Countries like Japan has already rescued hundreds of their citizens with specially charted flights but Singapore who always pride itself on efficiency is still slow to react? If Japan, a traditional rival of China can arrange such evacuation flights, surely Singapore can too? 

Surely the well paid millionaires in our PAP government can show us why they deserve their million dollar salaries and do the least and rescue our citizens in their time to desperate need, their families back home are definitely worried sick. 

What's the point of saying our Singaporeans are all well in Wuhan, surely it is better to bring them back and quarantine them till they are well to rejoin their loved ones. The longer they stay in Wuhan, the higher the chance of infection isn't it? 

Time to walk the talk lah PAP government or are you just not as competent as you claim? Protection Status