In news report that was shared on Stomp, a biker was seen voluntarily stepping down from his bike and put on hold his original destination, and stood under the hot sun to direct traffic, after a Woodlands traffic light broke down.

Drivers and riders were stuck when the traffic light stopped working at the junction of Woodlands Avenue 6 and Woodlands Avenue 7 on a hot and humid Saturday afternoon. One rider, the biker, took it upon himself to step up, and began directing traffic. Most motorists at first thought the biker was a Traffic Police officer, but it turned out he was not as he was wearing home clothes. According to eye witnesses, the biker had parked his bike by the side of the road and took on the role of a Traffic Police officer. 

While netizens have come out in praise of the public spiritedness of the biker, it was not known how the Traffic Police themselves will view this. After all, this can be construed as posing as a public service officer.

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