Talk about kampung spirit. Some residents found a pile of burning papers that were dumped into a rubbish bin. From the Facebook video that surfaced, they looked to be incense that were inconsiderately burnt and thrown away. 

Passerbys were shocked as the looked on at the smoke emitting from the waste. Nobody knows who was responsible for it. 

A few netizens speculated that it could have been an ignorant cleaner who did not know better about discarding incense papers. Some took offence with the assumption but were equally flabbergasted that such inconsiderate behaviour exists in Singapore. 

"I don't think this was done intentionally by the person who burns joss paper. Let's hope I am right."

"Why video instead of putting out the smoke? Want to wait for fire is it?"

Let's hope someone actually put it out. Singaporeans cannot afford to have our expensive kampungs on fire because we will not be able to afford another.

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