The Independent Singapore has spoken up against NTUC Foodfare after it accused the alternative news site for spreading fake news about an old tenant's death. The article attributed Foodfare's long working hours to the old man's death. 

In an announcement on 21 Nov 2018, TISG said that it will not apologise or take down the articles in question until they are proven false and baseless. 

"The two articles in question are based on facts and we do have material evidence to back it up, to corroborate what we have written. We are however curious that NTUC Foodfare’s public statements are somewhat contrary to our findings.

We have written to the lawyers, David Lim & Partners querying them on their NTUC FoodFare’s media statement and demand letter."

TISG maintains that it was standing up for workers' rights. It said that it is not driven by profits and will continue to do what it has been doing so that it can be the voice for te voiceless. 

"We can’t go wrong for standing up for what is right. In the hawkers’ plight, we feel the pain of all those who have toiled hours in front of a hot stove so that we can have affordable meals in Singapore. We cannot and will not be cowed by the powers that be. TISG will hold the line in championing the rights of our hawkers, workers and downtrodden."

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