A video of an altercation between a Caucasian man and a security guard has gone viral. The two men were arguing with each other over a carpark exit at Roxy Square. The Caucasian was allegedly angry when he got stuck in a carpark while the security uncle was just trying to show him the way.

In the video, the man spouted vulgarities and used his body to block the uncle when he was pointing out the exits. It was uncertain what led the Caucasian to be so angry but he definitely made some snide remarks at the security guard who was just carrying out his duties. 

As if that is not enough, the cocky Caucasian man even tripped and hit the uncle towards the end of the video.

Netizens are up in arms about the Caucasian's arrogant attitude and are slamming him for being an ass. 

It is uncertain what led up to his anger, but he should have kept his cool at least when the security guard was telling him the way out. From the video, the uncle did not lose his temper or push him in any way. 

Will he come forward to shed light on his side of the story? Or is this really another case of bullying by people who think they are high and mighty?

You be the judge.


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