A job advert was recently posted on Facebook and screenshots of it has been making rounds around various other social media platforms. The job advert calls for a full-time male housekeeping cum receptionist and is offering a salary of SGD1,100.00 - SGD1,300.00. 

In case you can't see it from the picture above, these are some of the things to take note of in the job advert:

Salary: SGD1,100.00 - SGD1,300.00
Working Schedule: 6 Days a week / 12 hours shift
Training and Accommodation provided

DIPLOMA preferred candidates
Good Spoken & Written English
Physical mobility required
Professional attitude is required
Good Customer Service Skill
Team player
Ability to work independently
Excellent time management skills

The job is so lucrative that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Who would ever choose to accept a Diploma-level job with such a low pay? If this is all our job market has to offer, some people have to wake up their ideas and do something about it. 

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