Mothers are very protective of their children. In desperate times, desperate mothers take desperate measures to protect their children.

A worried mother, took to Facebook to seek help from her neighbour from hell. She just wants for her children to have normal daily routines like any other families. However, they can't.

She lives in a flat in Pasir Ris. The next door neighbour just moved in about two months ago. Their lives have been badly disrupted since.

According to the mother, the nighbour has been harassing the family, banging on their room walls at odd hours and for no apparent reason. He would even call the police on the family.

Her children have been emotionally, and psychlologically affected by the harassment. She fears for the safety of her children.

They have explored a number of different routes, including reporting the neighbour to the HDB, the MP, and the police, but to no avail. They have initiated legal action against the neighbour but this will take time.

They need an immediate solution for the children.

For now, they have installed a CCTV to record the neighbour's harassment.

But what else can they do? 

You don't get to choose your neighbours. There are inconsiderate people among us. However, this neighbour is outrightly harassing the family. 

Surely, the police can stop the man from harassing the neighbour? If he needs help, then they need to work with other agencies to help the man, in order to help the family.

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