Amidst online vitriol on Ministerial salaries, our dear Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong clarified that he does not get paid for his duties. "ESM is merely a title with no pay", he said. In other words, Singaporeans should be grateful to Lau Goh for volunteering to help us even though he did indirectly call us "mediocre". 

Lau Goh also mentioned that he will not "do a Mahathir", which means he is unlikely to run for opposition in future. That is good news as he is talking more rubbish and getting cocky nowadays. 

Dear ESM Goh, thanks for telling us how noble you are by serving Singaporeans without getting paid. Then again, if the Government is doing well enough to help Singaporeans today, we will not be harping on ministerial salaries in the first place. Now that he's getting old, maybe it's time to think about what more can be done for needy Singaporeans and start listening to people instead. 


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