Facebook user Eliza Faith Ong wrote on her profile on the evening of 27 Mar 2019. She wrote about her experience after mailing a collection of items from Japan which was meant for her sister who lives in New Zealand. Ong claims that the package contained only dried snacks and beauty products.

When she brought the package to the counter, she was interrogated by a grumpy old male counter staff who also warned her that she could not post any items that are in liquid form. She reassured the staff repeatedly that the package does not contain any liquid items and signed a customs declaration form. 

She left after paying $54 for the package and expected the problem to end there. 1.5 weeks later, her sister received her package. However, her beautifully wrapped up gift was defaced by the staff. On the package, the staff wrote


Ong said 

If i knew i was going to pay so much to have someone accusing me of things that is untrue and even vandalizing my stuff, i would just gone to other reliable courier companies. This is unacceptable behaviour and I deserve an explaination.

Do you think it's acceptable for the staff of Singpost to vandalize packages like this? How would the recipient feel after seeing it?

You can read Ong's full post below


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