A Singaporean family is angered by Scoot for not handling their request properly. They were stranded in Hokkaido after an earthquake and left without electricity and connectivity. During that period, their mother unfortunately passed away in Hokkaido. The family scrambled to settle the repatriation, insurance claims and had a difficult time dealing with foreign authorities. 

They approached Scoot in hopes of changing their flight so that they can have more time to settle matters. But in a rude shock, Scoot's staff were unprofessional and inappropriately cold in refusing their request for a 11 Sep flight.

"Coldly, we were informed, there was no available flight even though we were willing to pay and no assistance was rendered on compassionate grounds. The earliest flight was 15 Sep. Hotline told us to write in to the support portal - Ref.1809405009. I don’t blame the hotline team, they were not trained to manage such a personal crisis. We received standard reply a condolence note and ‘we could not accede with your request’ for a letter. Scoot was not prepared to write us a confirmation letter for the unavailable flight. We were not even asking for compensation then but a letter for insurance claim".

Now that the funeral is over, the family is demanding answers from Scoot for its lack of sensitivity and rude attitude. 

Even if they are ill-trained, is it so difficult to show some sympathy? Why is it so hard to make the effort and do someone a favour?

Credits to Jessie Leong

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