Pritam Singh and Chan Chun Sing had a spar during the latest parliament meeting. In the meeting, Pritam asked for a data breakdown for jobs going to PRs and Singaporeans. Chan, doing what the PAP does best and dodged the question entirely, asking Pritam "What is the point of the question?" 

Evidently, this is a sore spot for the ruling Government. If they were to release the statistics, many will probably not be happy with them. 

After the debate, Chee Hong Tat made a Facebook post on his page, summarizing the parliament debate. He also added his own comments saying:

The PRs in our workforce have made contributions to Singapore, both economically and socially, even though they receive lower subsidies and fewer benefits than citizens. More importantly, many PRs are family members of our fellow Singapore citizens, as Mr Singh would be aware since the Workers’ Party has joined PAP MPs in advocating for foreign spouses and children of Singapore citizens to be given priority for Singapore citizenship.

We must firmly reject all attempts to drive a wedge between different groups within our society and stand resolute against efforts to stir fear and hatred for political gain. Only then can we continue to progress together as Team Singapore.

Tldr; Chee Hong Tat claims that the PRs are making contributions to Singapore and that Pritam is driving a wedge between different groups within our society.

Does this Chee Hong even know how Singaporeans are feeling? Singaporeans have been afraid and angry at losing their jobs to PRs or any other foreigners. There was a wedge since the start of time. Team Singapore is only made up of true blue Singaporeans. Not these people who might go back to their countries after earning their keep. He should start finding out about how the ground is like by talking to true Singaporeans instead of these PRs who sing praises about him and the ruling Government just so they can continue living here.

This really shows how out of touch our ministers are. Yet they still try to make opposition parties look stupid publicly. They are the ones who look stupid when they say and do such things. We really need someone new to take over. These bunch of clowns really got to go.

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