A netizen questioned the Guardian Pharmacy's expired product policies after she was sold a supplement that had expired for about two months. The woman alleged that she had suffered allergic reaction from consuming the expired supplement.


She bought the Blackmores Sleep Sound Formula from the Guardian outlet at Lot One on 20 June 2019. She took the pills according to the accompanying instructions.

After developing an allergic reaction, the netizen had to seek medical treatment on 23 June 2019 after. It was then that she realised that the supplements had already expired on 26 April 2019.




Concerned, she returned to the shop only to find out that there were similarly expired supplements still being sold.

The staff at the shop was also not reassuring and merely offered to replace her product.

This is a seriuos allegation that the HSA and CASE needs to look at. The consumption of expired suplements may have a negative effect on the health of the consumer.

In this case, it has expired for two months and were still allegedly being sold at the outlet when the customer returned to confront them about it.

Cost pressures and concerns must not come at the expense of the health of the consumer. Any careless or intended sale of such expired items must be addressed proportianately, and adequately.


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