A "drunk" Indian Man ran off from a patient taxi driver to evade his fare on 12 January 2019, you can read more here:

Super Patient Taxi Driver Meets "Drunk" Fare Evader, Doesn't Get Fare Back

The taxi driver took the video to Facebook and it went viral in the past few days. Most netizens were of course scolding the Indian man for cheating the taxi driver of his fare while a few people were also saying that the taxi driver was at fault for not calling the police from the beginning. 

While the taxi driver might be happy with the amount of people supporting him and helping him CSI the fare evader, one particular netizen made a comment accusing the taxi driver of already taking $50 from the passenger as well as harassing him. The netizen also claimed that the driver is currently under investigations by SMRT which the driver claims to have not been informed that SMRT was doing so.

The taxi driver then made a police report against the netizen as well. We can only wonder if this netizen is trying to stir shit or if she is telling the truth. At the end of it, we hope that the fare evader gets caught (if he really evaded the fare).

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