Scoot has once again failed their passengers, as a Scoot flight from Melbourne to Singapore scheduled to depart on Sunday was grounded due to a technical issue. While the airline declined to reveal what the technical issue was, the flight cancellation of the flight affected 295 of its passengers, who were left stranded.

Based on reports, the flight was scheduled to leave at 1:20pm Melbourne time, but once passengers were onboard, a technical glitch was detected, which caused hte plane to be grounded. Some passengers were lucky enough to be transferred to two SIA planes which had seats available, but even this was about five hours later. The remaining passengers who did not get seats on another flight were provided with meals and hotel accommodation, and they were scheduled to return to Singapore on Monday instead. 

However, some Soot passengers complained that they were stuck on the runway on the grounded plane for 7 hours, with no information given. No numbers were also provided by Scoot on actually how many passengers actually got transferred to the other flights to Singapore. Yet another major own goal by Scoot. 


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