Is it fair to cull animals because of some complaints? Some netizens are enraged as they accuse some town council personnels from poisoning and culling pigeons. How true is this?

In a FB post, Tan Derrick said: "Toa Payoh Town council!! Do you know that by poisoning them is a slow and suffering death to these pigeons? It's inhumane! I believed if the Pigeons can talk, they would have asked you to just kill them immediately rather then they prolonging pain!

Firstly, the complainants, the earth doesn't just belong to you human, everything also complained.

The governing agencies now only like to handle complaints when animals become nuisance, how about we complaint a garden city like ours is having lesser animals? Why is this even a garden city? Filled with so many innocent animals blood?

NParks shouldn't you guys start handling this matter from now? National park board, please do help protect these animals ? They do deserved an equal chance just like human. We are living in the Red Dot and we have too many human, please control. Our Little Red Dot seems like a blood dot now with all the innocent animals killed!"

We can't selfishly expect animals to shut up, but as civilised Singaporeans, we should at least not complain about too many things. As for our town councils, who knows if they're handling it properly? Since someone somewhere always accuse them of "ownself check ownself".

Credits to Tan Derrick for the story



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