Minister K Shanmugam made a video on 2nd April 2019 clarifying the new fake news bill as well as whether the Government is the final 'arbiter of truth'. In his 2 minutes 8 seconds long video, he explains that the bill only covers false statements of fact. It does not cover opinions. In his words, 'if you say government is incompetent, if you say government doesn't know what it's doing, it's elitist, cost of living is too high, free speech is not allowed, human rights curtailed, or if you say protests are not allowed' are opinions and are not covered by the bill. 

He also claims that the Government is not the final arbiter of truth. The courts are the ultimate arbiters of truth.

He explains that the Government will come in and ask for corrections if it is a matter of public interest and if it is false. However, if the person who puts it up insist on it being true, they can bring it up in court and let the ultimate arbiters of truth (the courts) decide.

Now, does he think that we will simply believe his words? Do you trust that they are not in control of the courts? Also he has merely given us two examples. We shall wait for the day when they decide to flip their egg prata and take down people.

Of course this are just my opinions. Not fake news hor! OPINIONS.


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