After blasting back a post to Chua, Pritam Singh just made another post on his Facebook yesterday afternoon with a full list of AHTC trying to communicate with the pro-PAP Grassroots organisations. 

The list ranges from 2012 all the way to October this year. Why does an elected MP have to get approval from a person he defeated during the general elections to do things for his residents who elected him in the first place? A loser candidate should have no power in deciding and approving how public funds should be used no? Also, when a loser candidate stops the elected MP from doing work for his residents really shows why he lost in the first place.

You can read the full list of correspondence here:

And just because a opposition elected MP decided to speak up about the issue, all the loser candidates decide that this is the time to be salty and bring up things that are not related to the topic at hand. Just check out Victor Lye who tried to implied some unsavory things in his Facebook post.


And why do they have an Aljunied GRC page for themselves? Aljunied GRC is now under WP and this page is just being misleading. But I guess this should not be unexpected. They are known to use such underhanded tactics.

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