A helpful netizen has warned Singaporeans against using their credit cards to pay for in-flight meals on Scoot airways. 

He claimed that he was charged twice for a meal he paid. At first, he tried to pay with his credit card but was told that the payment did not go through. He paid in cash instead.

However, when he received his credit card bill, he realised that he was charged there too.

"Thankfully I kept the cash receipt... Have spoken to both my bank and Scoot. Bank says [that] this seems to be a more frequent occurrence lately, with many customers simply letting it go because of the hassle of recovering the money. 

Scoot have told me that they are investigating, but they don't seem to be taking it very seriously at all." 

Pretty sure passengers who have paid for their flight deserve to be treated with some sincerity and respect. 

For people who have yet to board their flight, it never hurts to err on the side of caution. You're welcome. 

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