NUS is proof of why some academically-inclined people do not know their priorities. 

Monica Baey, a NUS undergraduate, recently voiced her displeasure with NUS' leniency against her sexual perpetrator, Nicholas Lim. Lim had taken a video of her showering in her Hall toilet. Instead of taking tough actions against him, NUS allowed him to get away with a lenient warning and an apology letter. 

The perpetrator gets a second chance except that he cannot attend classes for a period of time. Like he cares.

How in the world did they think the punishment will suffice? Does it mean that anyone can go around campus taking videos of naked female students and get away scot free? If Monica had not been daring enough to voice out, how long will she have to suffer the injustice? 

If everyone can see that there is a problem with their disciplinary action, how did a reputable institution like NUS think that it was ok?

Now that the school is under fire, it has announced that it will be convening a committee and a Town Hall to address the issue. Minister for Education Ong Ye Kung has also said that he has spoken with the NUS President and Board Chairman in telling them to take tougher actions. 

Other schools will also be asked to review their disciplinary measures in order to ensure students' safety.

Lim, who was a financial representative at Great Eastern Singapore, has also resigned.

Many have condemned NUS' lack of action against Lim and have lost faith in its promise to protect its students. While many Singaporeans believe that having a committee or Town Hall is bullshit, the school had better prove people wrong by coming up with sound solutions and good measures. 

NUS has to realise that not everyone deserves second chances. Especially sexual perpetrators. 

It also has to realise that if it continues to be so incompetent, it will be Singaporeans turn to deny them of second chances. 


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