It is the trend to start petitions. Petitions for anything, anytime. 

Just a couple of days ago, a "Gary Yeow" started a petition to defend the public shaming of Nicholas Lim. Singaporeans from all walks of life will know him as the man who filmed a student while she was showering in the NUS campus. He was let off with a warning and told to write an apology letter. Yes. Simple, lenient, easy. 

It is no surprise that Singaporeans were quick to shame him for his misconduct and demand for the school to take tougher actions.

Seeing that the matter has been blown up, "Gary Yeow" started a petition calling for people to defend NUS' stance, or lack thereof. He said that it is "manifestly unjust" for people to single out Nicholas Lim now or think that those who are more vocal are right. 

He believes that NUS did not mishandle the issue as it was simply carrying out what it has been doing all along. He supports NUS in giving students a second chance before expelling them for good. 

18 people have signed the petition. 

While some may feel that Lim deserves more pity, they cannot deny that what he did was wrong. And when someone does something this wrong, he needs to be given the appropriate punishment and face the consequences of his actions. Starting a petition to defend him will not help at all.

Once Lim is done facing his "consequences", which by the way, should not just be a warning and apology, perhaps he can talk about moving on or having more chances. How about that?



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