It's not easy to get your directions wrong on Singapore roads. What with multiple road signs to tell you where you can or cannot turn, and the multiple road markings to show you the directional arrow signs that will guide you on the right way, in fact these directional arrow markings are quite clear, and they are spaced 10m away from each other on all roads.

So, to get your direction wrong is a great accomplishment. An even greater accomplishment is when you get your direction wrong, you see all the other vehicles around you driving in the other direction than the one you are driving in, you hear honks from other road users against you, and you even get cursed in vulgar language, but you still calmly drive through traffic in the opposite direction. That takes a lot of wins.

A BMW had somehow managed to do it. Apparently along Alexandra Road on 29 April at about 10:43am, the driver was still calmly trying to navigate the car by driving against traffic. It is unclear what prompted the driver to drive against traffic, but his efforts will be rewarded by the Traffic Police, surely. That's the least the driver's efforts deserved. 

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