It is now possible to have free lunches in Singapore. A vegetarian food service called Mummy Yummy Singapore has embarked on a new project to recruit homeless people for its F&B business. 

The project, V4vegetarian, was initiated by 3 brothers who wanted to hire homeless people and give them a new chance at life. They met with difficulties along the way but Mummy Yummy has since taken over and will be launching a free food project in the neighbourhood. 

"Starting from 1st June 2019, 'V4vegetarian' will provide FREE food for everyone from Mondays to Fridays 7am - 2pm. Weekends will be closed.

Our long term goal for this hawker project is to open up more stalls around Singapore and make it convenient for everyone who needs food to get them without prejudice judgment from other people."

Those who think that the project is a good idea and wish to contribute may do so to the Tips Box that will be set up at 503 West Coast Market stall #34.

What a nice thing to do. Looks like Singaporeans can only trust ourselves to help each other now.

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