Human rights lawyer M Ravi took to Facebook to update on the case of Suriia Das and his Wife Sarojini, who is suffering from 4th stage ovarian cancer. You can read more about their case here:

CPF Board Denies Husband From Using CPF Funds For Cancer Treatment For Wife

M Ravi mentioned that his team has since filed in the high court the case of Suria who is seeking a relief from the court for a Mandatory Order to compel the CPF Board to allow him to transfer to his wife, portion of his CPF funds to her. Suriia also seeks a Declaration from the court that the CPF Board's policy made pursuant to Section 18D of the CPF Act is unlawful and unconstitutional insofar as it prohibits the transfer of funds from Suriia's ordinary and special accounts to his wife Sarojini's medisave account.

While M Ravi and his team are doing this case pro bono, they are still seeking for donations to help with the medical fees. If you feel like doing so the link is:

The simplygiving page has since gathered a total of S$2 937 out of a target of $50,000. We hope that Suriia Das and his wife will be able to get that much needed treatment and help.

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