Yesterday was the 9th day of the Lunar New Year. Many of the religious started burning incense papers to show their respect. A particular uncle (lets call him BU for burning uncle) was burning his incense at 2am in a dedicated bin. However, this act provoked a man (lets call him AM for angry man) who was staying in the block beside the bin. 

AM came down to confront BU for burning excessively at 2am. AM claimed that the ashes and smoke from the burning was going into his house which caused his kids to cough excessively and wake up in the middle of the night. BU asked why if he was in the wrong as he was already burning in a dedicated bin; to which AM responded that he could have burned in a bin located beside the carpark. BU then questioned why he is not allowed to burn in that bin when he's staying in that particular block. AM then told BU to have some common logic, use his brains and some feelings.

Who do you think is wrong or right? Watch the video here:


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