Apparently a British Army Officer, claimed by the Singaporean victim, was said to have slammed the victim dad's car while on a bicycle.

The story was that as the victim and his dad was driving out, a man on a bicycle squeezed through the small gap behind them and hit their car.

After realising it, the Singaporean man wind down the windows to confront the man. In his recount of the incident, he said that the cyclist threw his bicycle onto the grass and confronted them.

The cyclist then threathen the victim's dad, and was said to have described himself as a 'British Army Officer'. The victim also said that his dad was pushed by the British man.

In his defence, the victim said that he does not usually record with a camera. He only did what he did after he heard the threat.

He also informed that he did not want to escalate the matter to the authorities.

What do you think? Looks like a childish sqaubble?

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