A Singaporean woman have taken maid abuse to extremes, and has been jailed to three years in jail and fined $9,000 for her inhuman acts towards her Myanmar maid. The woman, Linda Seah Lei Sie, a 39 year old salon manager, and her husband, Lim Toon Leng, hired the Myanmar domestic helper, Phyu Phyu Mar as their maid and a nanny for their daughter in February 2016.

The two never paid their maid since the first day of hire, at the agreed monthly amount of $700, until November 2016 when the government intervened. From August to October 2016, Seah started tormenting her maid with a series of physical abuse, which included hitting her maid's hair with a mobile phone, shaking her head and pulling on her hair so violently that chunks of hair came out, and deliberately starving her by only giving a diet of biscuits and uncooked noodles. 

She also forced the maid to burn herself by pouring boiling water on her shoulders, and popping the blisters that resulted by just popping them using her hands. She also forced the maid to to drink filthy mop water with floor cleanser and dog hair.

Her reasons for doing this? She claims she was unhappy with how slowly the maid finished her chores. Seah even have the cheek to appeal her sentence, as if she did not realise that she has done something gravely wrong. 

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