After waiting patiently for 30 minutes, the FP rider arrived at her home only to deliver her a big pile of hot mess!

The pasta that she ordered from an undisclosed vendor was all over the paper bag, leaving a huge trail of mess which started from the rider's delivery bag and to the rider himself.

I ordered pasta from this vendor thru #Foodpanda. NOT GONNA MENTION THE VENDOR!

Since the food was not in edible state, the rider took the initiative to dispose of the food for her and was apologetic about it. 

Since the bag has torn, the sauce was dripping and... could you just imagine that the rider's bag, he has to clean it up before he could take in the next order.. alhamdullilah i able to pass him some kitchen towels so that he could clean up his bag.. it may be due to poor storage of the food by the vendor!.

Foodpanda how could you do this to your rider?!!!

To make things worst the rider did not accept any payment from the chiobu as he thought instinctively that FOODPANDA CUSTOMER SERVICE will take care of the matter. Or so he thought..

She then took this up to FP CS via their chat system. The CS wanted to compensate her but they actually ran out of vouchers to compensate her. Talk about sincerity lol.

The next part of the story is where the touching moment begins.

I gave up and just proceed to re-order..
And waited for another 30minutes or so..

Allah is great.. you know why.. subhanaAllah.. Before the rider moved off from my place, we kinda exchange numbers.. who knows it will be him again to collect the order.. 
I dont know why i decided to whatsapp him to check if there is any other arrangement and to check if he still be reimbursed for the short change for the food as he didnt collect the cash from me.
And guess what?!.. FOODPANDA DIDNT!!!
seriously guys..!!

I was fumed and much dissapointed. Like honestly.. without thinking, i was hopeful that his number is registered with PAYNOW. and alhamdullilah it did.. if i would tell him that i would transfer the money, he would defintely rejected it. So i decided to just transfer via PAYNOW... and i am so glad i did.. atleast he has one less thing to feel dissapointed for not be able to get compensation for the short change of his floats. I am so thankful to Allah for moving me to chat up with the rider.

Like honestly foodpanda.. thats not the way to treat your frontliners! Urgh! Your CS really disgust me!

Foodpanda CS better buck up. Do it for your customers. Do it for your staff. Because without them you are nothing.

Better stop F it up before someone makes a rap video of you.

Sweet sweet story credit to Miss Riya Naufal.



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