Singapore is really world-renowned. We will be the topic of discussion among some foreigners and local activists a few weeks from now in Australia.

The forum, "The Dark Side of an Asian Tiger", discusses issues on human rights and labour rights in Singapore. It will highlight the irony of Singapore, being one of the richest countries in the world, does not have basic requirements like minimum wage and labour rights properly set out.

Other questions that will be addressed include: Why are we abusing foreign workers by making them do all the hard labour but not paying them enough? Why are we restricting people from protesting? Why do we "change the constitution to keep human rights activists in jail"? 

To better facilitate the discussion with a Singaporean point of view, civil rights activists Jolovan Wham, Rachel Zeng and founder of Asian think-thank Dr James Gomez will also be attending the forum. 

Is it time for Singapore to put in place minimum wage? Is it time to show more recognition by granting basic rights to foreign workers? Should we stop going against activists who are fighting for the betterment of Singapore? 

Singapore is world-renowned but it has not progressed as much as people thought. What then, can we do about it?


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