SDP member, Mohamed Jufrie Mahmood, took to Facebook after he had allegedly been assaulted by a former friend, a property agent named Yee. According to Jufrie, Yee is an elusive debtor who owes money to Jufrie and their mutual friends.

In the past, Yee attempted to repay the money he owed through post-dated cheques which bounced. Jufrie took responsibility by paying off the friends but Yee never repaid Jufrie the money that he was owed. 

In the mean time he had disappeared from the scene. I had engaged debt collectors on two different occasions to trace and try recover the money which I had paid on his behalf but they gave up after finding him to be too illusive.

Early last year I managed to locate his address and paid him a visit. He agreed to pay up and on two occasions after that he paid a small percentage of what he owed. He then reneged on his promise to continue paying in instalments, blocked all my calls and disappeared once again. 

I had no other means of contacting him except to go to his house again. Over one year I visited his house on 7 or 8 occasions. He was never home. I left written messages asking him to contact me. He never did but made a false police report against me alleging that I was harassing him.

Last Thursday I went again to his house but before I could take the lift I saw him walking past. On seeing me he hurriedly walked towards a bus stand and warned me not to come close or he would whack me. I ignored his warning and followed him to the bus stand. He turned around and said "I am not paying, what can you do?"

He then, in the presence of two strangers, started to assault me.

All along he takes pride in claiming that "he is an RC chairman helping SM Teo Chee Hean". He may think that he has the licence to cheat and beat up people.

Jufrie has since reported Yee to the police. However, he was advised to lodge a magistrate's complaint instead as beating someone in public is not an arrestable offence.

Yee is a fraud who is trying to dissociate himself from his debts. Jufrie has become the victim instead.

While he may claim to be an RC Chairman with links to SM Teo Chee Hean, the truth may not be what he claims it to be. Even if he is connected to Teo Chee Hean, he has to take responsibility for his debts and not run away from it.

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