A fire broke out on 1 November at Bukit Batok. The hose ree cabinets at Block 210A, Bukit Batok Street 21 were padlocked and the SCDF personnel were unable to use the fire hose reels.

SCDF had to use water from their emergency vehicles after the officers found the hose reels padlocked. The SCDF personnel also broke one of the padlocks but found out that there was no water supply for the hose reel in the cabinet.

The town council has since clarified that these hose reels were frequently vandalised in the past. Which is what led to the padlocks.

SCDF has since issued a warning to the town council regarding the issue.

But here begs the question. Are the aesthetics that important to the town council to go as far as padlocking them up? Could they not find other ways to stop people from vandalising? How uncreative of them. Because of them the people's lives are put in danger. 

And what's worse? They even pushed the blame back to the citizens. Claiming that it was only done cause of the vandalism done by them. We are not paying them that huge amount of money just for them to not fix any issues and blame us for it. 

They better get their shit together. The citizens will not stand for this any longer. We are prepared to #VTO.

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