In yet another black mark against the health sector, a doctor, who happens to be the Director of Neoroscience Clinic at the national University Hospital was fined $50,000 for disclosing the confidential information of a patient's condition. 

Dr Soo Shuenn Chiang, who is also a psychiatrist, gave the medical information on the patient, a woman who had mental issues. The information was given to the woman's brother, who had posed as her husband just by using the phone. The man had claimed to the doctor that the woman was suicidal and need to go for an assessment at IMH. Dr Soo, without verifying the information given, released the record to the man. This critical memo from the docotr was later used by the man to get a personal protection order from the family court against the woman. 

Makes you wonder if your medical records are safe anymore, with data being leaked left, right and centre.

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