When our 14-month Toya was diagnosed as brain dead on 29 Jun 2018 by the doctors, our hearts and dreams shattered totally. Toya was pushed into the operating theatre on 21 Jun evening for brain surgery when CTI scan that same evening showed skull fracture and blood clot in his left brain. He was already almost unconscious by the time we reached the hospital that fateful evening. Review is still underway on the cause. By the time I went to pick Toya up, Toya was almost unconscious with signs of vomits. Toya’s grandparents hurried to apply for passports to fly to Singapore to see Toya, but those procedures took time. During the wait, Toya’s body weakened, where milk intake had to cease, while output of body acids increased. We were then not even sure if Toya could hold on to see his grandparents. But he did.

Against all odds, Toya revived, on the day his paternal grandmother and auntie arrived Singapore (3 Jul 2018), which was also the day before we were scheduled to bid our goodbyes.

Toya must have wanted to see his grandparents again.

Toya must have wanted to be with his parents again, just like how much we want to live our lives with him.

Toya must have wanted to live- to play and grow, just like other children he has understood to be.

Nonetheless, Toya has been hit with brain damage, and doctors say it would be a long journey and are not certain how much recovery we can expect. Toya is still in hospital and we are thankful that he is still here with us, in this world.

Neruo-rehabilitation has started, and Toya is improving slightly each day. Once his condition is deemed stable and ready, Toya would have to go for another operation to put his skull back into his head.

Toya’s will to live is evident- this incident had caused him to lose his sight and hearing, but he recently showed slight signs of response and recovery. His left eye however remains closed (complete ptosis). Hypertonia and hyperreflexia, he is still bedridden and still has no purposeful movements. We hope, and pray, fervently, that his recovery will continue to strengthen by each day.

Being foreigners, medical fees are exorbitant and our insurance scheme only covers them partially. As of today (16 Jul 2018), hospital expenses alone have reached $117,047, and still increasing by each day.  Being foreigners, medical fees are exorbitant and our insurance scheme only covers them partially.  We thus have to fly Toya back to Japan  once Toya’s condition is stabilized and once we have a confirmation from the hospital in Japan.  Given Toya’s medical condition, his flight back would be complex and expected to cost $30,000, involving accompanying doctors and continuing medication.  And once we arrive in Japan, Toya would be brought to the hospital immediately in an ambulance.   The operation to return his skull back to his head would be either in Singapore or Japan.  Singapore would be a more expensive option for us (being foreigners), but the doctors here are advising us to do it soon and we still have not gotten a confirmation from  the hospital in Japan.

Toya would need to continue with rehabilitation and medication for some time.  Till when, we don’t know.   Such continuing costs and expenses are thus not known.  But for now, after deducting the insurance pay-out, out-of-pocket expenses are at least $70,000 to cover the immediate cost for the current hospital expenses and flying Toya back home to Japan. 

Toya has always been an active and healthy baby, until that fateful day. We moved to Singapore in Jan this year when my husband found a job here. We are not expatriates.  I found a job too in Jun this year to supplement our living expenses. Our stay here has been cut short, but we know Toya’s dreams and hopes to live as a healthy child have not.

Toya’s will to live and to recover must have been so strong. We will thus be ultimately grateful for any support and any amount, that will never be too small for us to help us through and give Toya a chance to be healthy again.

Our heartfelt thanks to you for keeping us in your prayers and for any support rendered to us. We thank you.

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