Parties involved in the Nets brownface E-Pay advertisement, have, accorrding to the Info-Communications Media Development Authority (IMDA), been issued a stern reminder to be more sensitive and mindful of race and religious concerns. 

IMDA did not find any breaches under the Internet Code of practice. However, it did find the advertisment to be in poor taste, and offensive to minorities.

On the other hand, the Nair siblings, Preeti and Subhas, were given a 24-month conditional warning by the police. The administering of the warning was done in consultation with the Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC).

As with the advertisement, the IMDA also urged content producers to be mindful of the sensitivities.

No further action will be taken against the parties.

A line has been drawn under this episode.

Indeed, it has showned up divisions between us.

It has also afforded us more opportunities to discuss these taboo issues. 

This constant debates, negotiation, and dialogues can only positively impact how we view each other, and how much we understand one another. 

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