Be careful who you talk to. A NUS student got the creeps of her life when she was approached by a senior who made weird advances. She submitted an official complaint to her school but has not received an answer. 

In April 2017, she was volunteering to feed cats in school when the obviously older man approached her and pretended to be interested in helping out. He managed to get her number but was reluctant to reveal his age or faculty. "There was something about him that was sending alarm bells off in my mind, from the way he tended to stare at different parts of my body and awkward speech patterns. I brushed it off as his personal quirks".

Although she made it clear that she only gave him her number for the cat volunteering programme, the creepy senior continued to harass her by saying that he wanted to make friends with undergrads in hopes of finding a girlfriend. Correction: A much younger girlfriend. He did not give up despite the girl's multiple rejections.

"He sent me a super long message about how he would make a good lover, in particular what appalled me was that he claimed he has had experience sexually and that because of this experience he would be good boyfriend material...

He further went on to explain why he was taking a masters in NUS, as he claimed that he previously had a fiancée who 'ran away' and the funds he was saving as down payment for a BTO flat were then used to finance his degree.

He also said how as a graduate student he was at a disadvantage in finding suitable prospects, and how he was determined to find one within the undergraduate pool, because he 'liked them young'”.

When confronted, he accused the girl of deliberately leading him on and spreading bad news about him. Even though he eventually gave up, the girl found out that he also approached other innocent students before, with the same intention of "preying" on younger females. 

It has been a few months since her complaint but nothing has been done. She has taken this online to warn people and remind the school to do something about it.

"I hope that through this disciplinary action can be taken and he can receive counselling, to prevent him from continually going after young undergrads. I could have and should have taken action last year, and I hope it is not too late to put an end to his actions."


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